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Sea angling in southwest Ireland Sea angling at Baltimore, Ireland

Sea fishing at Baltimore

Baltimore has some of the most varied sea fishing in Ireland, both in terms of the number of species and types of fishing, which include shark, common skate and wreck fishing, and good general deep sea angling. Our species tally stands at over fifty different kinds of fish, ranging from familiar angling species to more unusual ones and visitors from warmer seas.

There is deep water close inshore and you don't have to go far to find fish. Much of the fishing is on rough ground with reefs and pinnacles interspersed with patches of sand or mud. Typical depths are in the range of 100 to 200 ft (30–60 m) though the deepest wrecks can be over 400 ft (120 m) down. Tides, however, are relatively weak. We fish both at anchor and on the drift. We can and do anchor even on the deepest wrecks.

It goes without saying that unwanted fish of all species are returned carefully to the sea. We also take part in the skate and shark tagging programme.

SHARK FISHING Blues are the most plentiful species of shark and are often encountered within a mile or two of land. Daily catches well into double figures are quite possible. Other possibilities include porbeagle and six-gilled shark. We have caught all three to well over 100 lbs (45 kg).

WRECK FISHING Baltimore is the nearest port to dozens of wartime wrecks (not to mention the largest wreck in Ireland, the 160,000 ton Kowloon Bridge). Pollack, coalfish, conger, ling and cod are the main species and the offshore wrecks, in particular, hold some huge fish.

COMMON SKATE Baltimore is a main centre for common skate fishing in Ireland. Large skate are taken regularly within a short distance of the harbour and specimens of more than 200 lbs (90 kg) are not uncommon. It is quite normal to take several skate in a session, with catches sometimes running into double figures.

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